About Us

Pizzutillo Public Affairs has a long tradition of providing disciplined solutions to a wide range of complex issues. For more than twenty years we have successfully represented businesses, associations, coalitions and trade groups, develop effective messaging that moves and shapes opinion and policy.

With more than 30 years of public affairs experience, Anthony Pizzutillo is the founder and principle of Pizzutillo Public Affairs. The firm has provided expert advice on both policy and politics on an assortment of real estate economic development issues that has driven the New Jersey market. 

In addition, over the past few decades Pizzutillo Public Affairs has developed a formidable health care practice anchored by the New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network as well as various specialty physician groups.

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"Pizzutillo Public Affairs is an invaluable partner in assisting NAIOP-NJ meet its legislative and regulatory agenda."

— Michael McGuinness, NAIOP-NJ CEO