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Economic Development

Pizzutillo Public Affairs has provided expert legislative, regulatory and advocacy campaign advice to corporate and real estate clients since 2006. Pizzutillo Public Affairs is strategically focused to seamlessly integrate public policy making with project development initiatives. Our areas of expertise include: redevelopment and land use strategies; environmental and transportation permitting; economic development and business incentives; renewable energy services; and government relations.


"Pizzutillo Public Affairs has been involved in developing initiatives to enhance economic development in New Jersey for decades"


Over the last twenty years, Anthony Pizzutillo has established a reputation in developing several major economic incentives to enhance economic development in New Jersey.  PPA has been involved in brownfields redevelopment, local redevelopment, municipal land use reform, business incentive reform, renewable energy, transportation and environmental trusts and, many other initiatives to enhance economic development for the purpose of improving both affordability and the quality of life for residents and businesses in New Jersey. 


Recent Legislative Accomplishments

  • Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 Streamlined and enhanced supply and demand incentives for business and real estate development.
  • Solar Act of 2012 Revised and updated renewable energy market based portfolio program that resurrected the solar industry in New Jersey.
  • Local Housing and Redevelopment Law Revisions Streamlined and revised redevelopment law to allow user-friendly redevelopment designation option without eminent domain.
  • MLUL Vested Rights Amendment Created bright line in MLUL to freeze zoning in the development application process to prevent down zoning
  • Crowdfunding Enabling Law 21st century financing program for small businesses

Real Estate Development Projects

  • Hoboken Rail Yards Redevelopment State of the art transit oriented development, destination area project in Hoboken and Jersey City
  • Hoboken Cove Planned urban development, mixed use repurposed Tetley Tea factory
  • Union City Multifamily redevelopment project.
  • Faith based retirement communities throughout New Jersey