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For almost a decade New Jersey physicians have been pressured by health care insurance companies through legislation to accept in-network reimbursement rates. Physicians, as small businesses, have the freedom of choice of providing in-network or out-of-network care. Policy that would severely limit or prohibit out-of-network options would have the unintended effects of driving highly skilled specialists to practice in other labor markets causing network adequacy and quality health care issues. Depriving New Jersey residents of such specialized care will cause referral patterns to extend outside of New Jersey, creating both hardships for our residents and economic harm to our hospitals. 


"Consumer protection in health care begins with complete disclosure and transparency from Hospitals, physicians and health insurance companies."


Over the last twenty years, Anthony Pizzutillo has established a reputation for advocating major healthcare incentives to enhance organ donation and transplantation and maintaining physician rights to practice in New Jersey.   Pizzutillo has been involved in several initiatives to enhance organ and transplantation, including the enactment of the Declaration of Death Act in the early 1990’s and passage of the physician assistant licensing law. In addition, Pizzutillo has represented the New Jersey Neurosurgical Society since 2007, leading the passage of the Assignment of Benefits Law and protecting providers from egregious criminal enforcement and out of network legislation. 

Pizzutillo is the co-founder of the Access to Care Coalition consisting of over 20 health care stakeholders defending providers and consumers from healthcare insurance company supported narrow network legislation.